High Business is a company specialized in consulting, development, support and implementation of ERP systems and complementary systems.

Operating for 17 years, our mission is to integrate technology into our clients' businesses in an integral and accessible way with quality and transparency, aiming at efficiency and enhancing their business activities and results.

Our client portfolio is made up of medium and large multinational companies, structured with quality systems, corporate governance and compliance.

Our multidisciplinary team has bilingual professionals, highly qualified, with extensive experience in business processes and solid academic background.

With a team of professionals experienced in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions and trained to manage projects, High Business has its differential in personalized service, technical quality and
on credibility.

Our excellence in various sectors of the industry, such as automotive, metallurgical, chemical, food and electronic, guarantees a deep understanding of our customers' businesses, which allows us to achieve good results quickly and effectively, for the success of all.